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Andrea Callan

Chef De Cuisine

Andrea Callan, a recent Silver Medal winner at the 2019 Great Kitchen Party in Kelowna, has been operating the Red Fox Club since 2016. Her passion for combining modern cuisine while honoring indigenous tradition shines through in the ever changing selections of the restaurant.

Tracey Duquette

Restaurant Manager

Tracey grew up in the French Native town of Penetanguishene, Ontario. Her first restaurant job was at 12 years old bussing tables at a small Greek restaurant called Riv Bistro. After gaining her Degree in Communications from the University of Windsor, she moved to Vancouver, which is where her path in restaurant management started. She has managed all environments from fine dining, corporation, to pub atmospheres for 14 years. Being a part of the Red Fox Club team is a wonderful next step in her career.

Andrea grew up in a small rural town southwestern Ontario attending to family farms – dairy, poultry and extensive gardens. However, selling cookies at her dad’s work place was how she made her first dollar. Her passion started by cooking and learning with family in the kitchen with her first job working on an organic farm.

At 15 she had an opportunity to move to Finland and take a degree in home economics which furthered her goal of cooking and love for everything local and had her traveling and catering in Sweden, Latvia, Ahvenanmaa.

After graduating from The Culinary Institute of Canada in 2000, her passion for cooking landed her in Ottawa at DISH Catering. This high-end social catering company created custom menu’s for the Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils and cooking for parliament and royalty.

In 2010, already happily married with two beautiful children, Andrea started at Quails Gate Estate Winery; Old Vines Restaurant. As assistant pastry chef her talents were swiftly known and was soon promoted to Executive Sous Chef.

By 2014, Andrea was looking for a change and had a special opportunity to work with an incredible baker Monika Walker.

Her talented team at Okanagan Grocery taught Andrea how to hand craft bread using slow fermentation methods.

In the beginning of spring 2016, the opportunity for Indigenous World Winery and Red Fox Club came to be and she’s never looked back. Her focus is to create simple, local & indigenous food with respect for our Aboriginal history.

As Nature Teaches Us

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Wish and Eat

Hours of Operation

‍**Reservations accepted for both lunch and dinner**